英语热词 | 2018年3月北京周报微博时事英语汇总



  • 美国将根据《1974年贸易法》第301条,在涉及技术转让、知识产权和创新领域对中国正式启动贸易调查。
    The United States will initiate an investigation into Chinese intellectual property and technology transfer practices under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974.
  • 总统备忘录
    presidential memorandum
  • 涉及征税的中国商品价值大约500亿美元
    impose tariffs on up to $50 billion of imports from China
  • 将在15天内制定对中国商品征收关税的具体方案
    to publish a list of proposed Chinese goods that could be subject to tariffs in 15 days
  • 45家贸易协会联名向政府请愿,敦促不要对中国征收关税,警告如强行征税将损害美经济、消费者和竞争力。
    A total of 45 U.S. trade associations urged the administration not to move forward its tariff plan on Chinese imports, as it would hurt U.S. consumers and companies.


  • 中方绝不会坐视合法权益受到损害。
    China will absolutely not sit back watching its legitimate interests be damaged.
  • 必将采取所有必要措施,坚决捍卫自身合法权益。
    All necessary measures will be taken to defend its rights and interests.
  • 中方不想跟任何人打贸易战,但如果有人非逼迫我们打,我们一不会怕,二不会躲。
    China does not want a trade war with anyone. But China is not afraid of and will not recoil from a trade war.


  • 全面取消5项高考加分项目
    eliminate five preferential items from its education policy that adds bonus points to a student's national college entrance exam
  • 取消体育特长、中学生学科奥林匹克竞赛、科技类竞赛、省级优秀学生、思想政治品德有突出事迹者全国性加分项目。
    The cancellation will relate to students with talent in sports, winners in the international Olympiads, prize winners of science and technology competitions, provincial excellent students and good merit students.
  • 促进城乡区域入学机会公平
    promote the fairness of rural students being enrolled by colleges and universities
  • 强化高校考试招生信息安全
    secure the safety of enrollment information and student information


  • 罹患脑瘤
    suffered from brain tumor
  • 在医院安然离世
    died peacefully in the hospital
  • 因言入狱
    was imprisoned because of his criticism
  • 犀利问政,不畏反击。
    He didn’t hold back punches in his sharp criticism of the government.
  • 在生命最后的时间里,他写了一封给家人、友人和仇人的绝笔信。
    Feeling his days were numbered, he wrote a letter to his family, friends, and foes to say farewell.
  • “我这一生当中,骂过很多人,伤过很多人;仇敌无数,朋友不多。”
    I have scolded and hurt many in my life, I have countless enemies but not many friends.

#315曝光台#:发动机进水 #大众汽车道歉#

  • 点名批评大众途锐SUV的发动机缺陷
    name and shame Volkswagen for engine defects with its Touareg SUV
  • 促使该公司道歉
    prompt an apology from the company
  • 备案了召回计划
    file a recall plan
  • 一些小型共享单车公司未能向用户返还押金,也被点名批评。
    China's bike-sharing industry is also criticized as a number of smaller firms failed to pay back deposits to users
  • 农村地区假冒伪劣产品泛滥成灾。
    The vast rural areas are still being plagued with fake and shoddy products.


  • 汪洋当选全国政协主席。
    Wang Yang was elected Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).
  • 同时选出24位全国政协副主席和300名全国委员会常务委员。
    Altogether 24 vice chairpersons and 300 Standing Committee members were also elected.
  • 政治协商的机构
    political advisory body
  • 政协委员
    political advisors
  • 提案


  • 杰出的理论物理学家
    brilliant British theoretical physicist
  • 探索宇宙之谜
    probe the mysteries of the universe
  • 患有肌萎缩性脊髓侧索硬化症
    suffered from ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)
  • 《时间简史》
    A Brief History of Time;
  • 霍金1942年1月8日生于英国牛津。他的生日恰恰是天文学家、物理学家伽利略•伽利莱的三百岁忌日。
    Hawking was born in Oxford, England, on what turned out to be an auspicious date: January 8, 1942 -- the 300th anniversary of the death of astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei.

美国务卿蒂勒森午夜被“炒鱿鱼” 美元暴跌 黄金暴涨

  • 特朗普突然发推,宣布罢免蒂勒森国务卿职务,由中央情报局局长麦克蓬佩奥接替。蒂勒森曾是石油大亨。
    Trump abruptly told the world of Tillerson’s ouster in a tweet,replacing the former oil tycoon with CIA Director Mike Pompeo.
  • 特朗普与蒂勒森长期不和,从而导致了他的离职。
    Tillerson's departure follows months of tension between him and Trump.
  • 其任期将于3月31日正式结束。
    His tenure will officially end on March 31.
  • 确保平稳交接
    ensure a smooth transition

#监察体制改革#:留置拟取代“两规”, 期限最长半年

  • 监察法草案
    draft supervision law
  • 监察委员会独立行使监察权,不受行政机关、社会团体和个人的干涉。
    Supervisory commissions will independently exercise supervisory power, and not be subject to interference from the government, social organizations and individuals.
  • 用留置取代“两规”措施,并规定严格的程序,有利于解决长期困扰我们的法治难题。
    Replacing “shuanggui” with rigorously-regulated detention will help settle a long-lingering legal problem.(“Shuanggui” is an intra-party disciplinary practice, exercised by Party disciplinary officials, where a Party member under investigation must cooperate with questioning at a set time and place.)
  • 旨在建立集中统一、权威高效的国家监察体系
    aiming at a centralized, unified, authoritative and efficient supervisory network
  • 深化国家监察体制改革的重要举措
    an essential part of China's reform of supervisory institutions
  • 加强党对反腐败工作的领导
    enhancing the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on anti-corruption campaigns


  • 风清气正的政治生态
    a "clean and upright" political ecology
  • 政治生态同自然生态一样,稍不注意就容易受到污染,一旦出现问题再想恢复就要付出很大代价。
    The political ecosystem, much like the natural one, can be easily polluted and, if damaged, must be rectified at a significant cost.
  • “抓住‘关键少数’”“形成‘头雁效应’。”
    Leading officials should demonstrate leadership and set an example.
  • 要坚持法治、反对人治,对宪法法律始终保持敬畏之心
    uphold rule of law, oppose rule of man, hold in awe of the Constitution


  • 通过了宪法修正案
    adopt an amendment to the Chinese Constitution
  • 十三届全国人大一次会议第三次全体会议
    the third plenary meeting of the first session of the 13th NPC
  • 立法机关


  • 特朗普拟接受邀请,与金正恩会面,时间和地点待定。
    Trump will accept invitation to meet Kim "at a place and time to be determined"
  • 暂停核试验
    refrain from any further nuclear or missile test
  • 无核化
  • 制裁
  • 特使

中华将腾飞 缅怀已故人

  • 举行座谈会,纪念周恩来同志120周年诞辰
    hold a symposium to commemorate the 120th birthday of late Premier Zhou Enlai
  • 不忘初心、牢记使命的杰出楷模
    an outstanding role model who remained true to the original aspiration and kept the faith
  • 对党忠诚、维护大局的杰出楷模
    a loyal Party member who maintained the overall situation
  • 热爱人民、勤政为民
    loved the people and diligently worked for the people
  • 周恩来同志严于律己、清正廉洁。
    Zhou was strict with himself and was a clean and upright person