1 为期两天的访问a two-day visit
2 构建新型大国关系build a new model of big power relations
3 深入探讨细节dig into the detail
4 联合开发页岩气joint exploration for shale gas
5 释放正能量unleash the positive energy
6 建立统一的养老保险制度establish an integrated pension system
7 有利于实现社会公平conducive to realizing social equality
8 消除主要障碍eliminate major obstacles
9 促进人口自由流动facilitate the free flow of people
10 联合军演joint military drills

11 难以想象的灾难an unimaginable disaster
12 朝韩关系inter-Korean ties
13 停止诽谤和中伤the end of slander and calumny
14 双边投资协定bilateral investment treaty
15 闭门磋商closed-door negotiations
16 减让时间表the schedules of concessions
17 “负面清单”a "negative list"
18 准入前国民待遇pre-establishment national treatment
19 进入实质阶段enter a substantive stage
20 雷打不动的项目an annual fixture

21 减少繁文缛节,杜绝铺张浪费cut extravagance and reduce red tape
22 提倡节俭promote frugality
23 小品和相声witty skits and crosstalk comedy
24 高档娱乐会所high-end recreational venues
25 降低价位downgrade to an acceptable level
26 消除官员奢靡之风curb officials' extravagance
27 会所不正之风unhealthy practices in clubs
29 文化古迹cultural relics
30 群众路线活动"mass-line" campaign

31 严重污染时学校停课suspend classes on heavily polluted days
32 应急预案emergency response plan
33 四级污染预警系统a four-tier color alert system
32 停产halt production
34 暂停建筑工地作业construction sites to be closed temporarily。
35 南水北调中线工程the middle route of the south-to-north water diversion project
36 最大的基础设施工程之一one of the country's largest infrastructure schemes
37 干旱地区drought prone areas
38 试运行trial operations
39 进入关键阶段enter a key phase

40 广义货币broad measure of money supply (M2)
41 货币流通量cash in circulation
42 定期存款Fixed Deposits
43 外汇储备foreign exchange reserves
44 新增人民币贷款new yuan-denominated lending
45 同比下降a year-on-year decrease
46 社会融资social financing
47 狭义货币narrow measure of money supply (M1)
48 无座火车票seatless train tickets
49 黄牛党scalpers
50 高速公路收费charging tolls on highways

51 团聚reunite with family members
52 令公众失望cast a damp over the public enthusiasm
53 务工人员包车chartered buses for migrant workers
54 激烈竞争fierce competition
55 金球奖得主the winner of the FIFA Balon D'Or award
56 对其超高足球水平的肯定a recognition of his exceptional sporting level
57 激励着年轻的运动员a stimulus for young sports people
58 混合动力高速列车hybrid high-speed train
59 集成了电网、电池组以及内燃动力三种动力源integrate electricity, battery pack and diesel engine into the trains
60 从电气化铁路到非电气化铁路跨线运营travel on both electric and non-electric railways

61 壮士断腕cut off one's own snake-bitten wrist to save his life
62 把反腐败斗争进行到底fight against corruption until the end
63 公私分明divide public and personal matters clearly
64 密报a tip-off
65 缴获百余万张假火车票及假发票seize more than one million fake train tickets and fake invoices
66 “抢票”软件"ticket snatching" plugins
67 网络倒票online scalping
68 严厉打击a complete crackdown
69 严厉打击暴力恐怖破坏活动act tough on violent terrorist attacks
70 维护国家安全safeguard national security

71 创新社会治理方式be innovative in social governance
72 户籍制度改革reform the management of household registration
73 用电不慎careless use of electricity
74 消防栓被冻fire hydrants have frozen
75 未与输水管相连no connection to water pipes
76 “重中之重”a "priority of priorities"
77 检查消防措施漏洞inspect loopholes in fire control measures
78 证监会The China Securities Regulatory Commission
79 发行人和主承销商issuers and major underwriters
80 路演road shows

81 网上申购online subscription
82 发布投资风险特别公告publish timely investment risk reports
83 进行抽查 carry out spot checks
84 危害国家安全endanger national security
85 打压犯罪行为wage a war against crimes
86 维稳safeguard stability
87 利用宗教影响力make use of religious influence
88 首次300米饱和潜水the first 300-meter saturation dive
89 生活舱living chamber
90 让人体内各组织体液中所溶解的惰性气体达到完全饱和的程度saturate human tissue with inert gas

91 海上抢险打捞rescue operations and salvage mission
92 犹太复国主义移民Zionist emigre
93 “贝鲁特屠夫""the Butcher of Beirut”
94 “加沙撤离计划”the Gaza disengagement plan
95 严重中风a massive stroke
96 一生充满争议mark with controversies。
97 “月光之城”"Town of Moonlight"
98 世界上最大的转经筒安然无恙the world's largest Tibetan prayer wheel was saved
99 文物古迹cultural and historical relics
100 排除人为纵火rule out the possibility of arson

101 推动产业向价值链中高端跃进move upward in the industrial value chain
102 培育竞争新优势foster a new competitive edge
103 营造公平环境create an environment that promotes fair play
104 放手让市场“说话”let the market speak
105 国家最高科学技术奖the State Supreme Science and Technology Award
106 更多依靠科技创新引领、支撑经济发展rely more on sci-tech innovation to guide and support economic development
107 张存浩专注于水煤气合成液体,火箭推进剂和激光领域的研究Zhang focuses on water gas technology, rocket propellant and the laser field
108 程开甲建立并发展核爆炸理论,改进核武器设计Cheng established nuclear explosion theory and improve the design of nuclear weapons
109 最大支柱the strongest pillar
110 客户定制 bespoke program with Rolls-Royce

111 与经销商精诚合作a fruitful cooperation with dealers
112 保持超豪华汽车市场的绝对巅峰地位maintain its position at the pinnacle of the super-luxury market
113 我国拟将企业退休人员基本养老金再提高10%。
114 企业退休人员corporate retiree
115 改革养老保险制度reform endowment insurance and pension systems
116 完善社会救助体系improve the social assistance system
117 帮助困难群众help disadvantaged groups
118 生活必需品daily necessities
119 发起反倾销和反补贴调查 launch antidumping duty and countervailing duty investigations
120 回应申诉 in response to a petition

121 倾销幅度 dumping margins
122 坚决反对滥用贸易救济措施 resolutely against the misuse of trade remedy rules
123 主权债务评级sovereign debt rating;
124 政府负有偿还责任的债务liabilities directly carried by governments;
125 稳定的展望前景a stable outlook;
126 没有流动性问题no liquidity problem;
127 不能笼统说"影子银行"是好是坏consider shadow banking as a mixed picture
128 室内公共场所indoor public venues
129 国家卫生和计划生育委员会National Health and Family Planning Commission
130 禁烟smoking ban
131 吸二手烟passive smoking

132 生效come into force
133 “雪龙号”冲出重冰区,胜利突围 Icebreaker Xuelong made a successful escape through heavy sea ice
134 艰难“转身”try to make a "veer around"
135 正在清水区航行on voyage in open waters
136 继续踏上环南极洲的科学考察征程continue its scientific expedition to Antarctica
137 闭馆closures
138 修缮maintainance
139 中轴线central axis of the palace
140 太和殿the Hall of Supreme Harmony

141 金銮宝座The Dragon Throne of the Emperor of China
142 使用棉签去除尘土is dusted with cotton swabs
143 世界现存最大的木结构古建群the largest existing ancient wooden structure in the world
144 使用浸过煤油的墩布擦拭金砖"golden bricks" have to be cleaned with mops soaked in kerosene
145 展柜exhibition cabinets
146 室内灯光interior lighting
147 易燃材料flammable material
148 首次公开销毁the first public destruction
149 非法象牙原料和雕刻制品illegal raw tusks and carved ivory
150 严厉打击野生动物非法贸易vigorously fight against wildlife trafficking

151 倡导民众树立保护野生动物观念raise public awareness on wildlife protection
152 开放民营银行试点set up fully private banks on a trial basis
153 放宽进入门槛 relax threshold
154 强调资质条件,实行有限牌照,坚持监管标准,订立风险处置安排with demanding set-up criteria,limited licenses, enhanced supervision and a risk handling system
155 对行政消耗性开支预算实行严格定额控制strictly tighten administrative expenses by regulating budget quotas
156 厉行勤俭节约、反对铺张浪费practice frugality and to against waste and extravagance
157 创新是民族进步的灵魂,是国家兴旺发达的不竭源泉innovation is the soul of a people and the source for a country's prosperity
158 把科技创新摆在国家发展全局的核心位置put science and technology innovation in a "core position" in the country's overall development
159 货真价实名符其实的中国造China-made in every sense of the phrase
160 凝结的是几代航天人的智慧和心血embody the blood and wisdom of generations of the country's space scientists and engineers

161 改作风rectify undesirable work styles
162 “四风”formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and extravagance
163 中央八项规定the "eight-point" anti-bureaucracy and formalism rule
164 群众路线教育实践活动the "mass-line" campaign
165 外环境样本an environmental sample
166 对H7N9禽流感病毒检测呈阳性反应tested positive for H7N9 bird flu
167 无害化处理harmless treatment
168 加强日常管理strengthen daily management
169 休市suspend from business
170 踩踏stampede

171 宗教集会a religious gathering
172 为信徒散发传统宗教食物handing out traditional religious food to attendees
173 病情危重in critical condition
174 纪念已故宗教人士commemorate a late religious figure
175 受困于密集浮冰区trapped by heavy floes
176 目前没有危险no immediate danger
177 “破冰跑道”"ice-breaking runaway"
178 等待有利时机突破海冰围困wait for favorable weather conditions to break the siege
179 PM2.5平均浓度the average PM 2.5 reading
180 国家标准the national standard

181 成首要大气污染物become the city's primary polluter
182 主要来源为机动车尾气automobile emissions are the major source
183 人口形势发展变化the change of demographic structure
184 科学制定实施方案,稳妥有序推进生育政策调整work out an overall scientific implementation plan and gradually promote the adjusted population policy
185 辽宁舰”完成南海海域科研试验和训练。航母编队aircraft carrier battle group
186 作战系统综合研试undergo a comprehensive test of its combat system
187 编队航行训练conduct a formation practice
188 适航性能seagoing capability
189 达到预期目的attain the anticipated objectives
190 受困于南极浮冰中stuck in sea ice off Antarctica

191 应急救援海冰工作组emergency relief working group
192 直升机救援chopper rescue
193 导航和气象保障条件有限current condition of limited navigation and weather forecast
194 全国经济普查national economic census
195 国家统计局National Bureau of Statistics
196 法律起诉legal prosecution
197 私人或个体工商户privately or individually-owned businesses
198 经济蓝图economic blueprint
199 高分辨率对地观测卫星high-definition Earth observation satellite
200 投入使用put into service

201 16米分辨率广角相机16m resolution wide-angle cameras
202 服务地理测绘,现代农业和抗震减灾help in geographic, precision agriculture and disaster relief
203 武汉为减少雾霾取消元旦焰火晚会Wuhan called off the New Year fireworks show to avoid further dirtying the already smoggy air
204 市民表示支持residents support the move
205 PM2.5指数激增a surge in the PM 2.5
206 实行中心城区全面禁放烟花爆竹prompt a firework ban in downtown areas
207 手上沾满了受害国人民的鲜血have victims' blood on their hands
208 否定世界反法西斯战争成果dismiss the fruits of the world's anti-fascist war
209 公然背弃brazenly abandon
210 虚伪性暴露无遗extreme exposure of his hypocrisy

211 在中日关系上打错算盘make wrong calculations on China-Japan relations
212 一错再错make one mistake after another
213 以史为鉴,面向未来take history as a mirror and face up to the future
214 维护历史正义和两国关系大局safeguard historical justice and bilateral relations
215 不顾中方坚决反对和严正交涉despite of China's resolute opposition and solemn representations
216 对人类良知的肆意践踏deliberate trample on human conscience
217 对公理正义的严重挑衅unscrupulous challenge to truth and justice
218 反抗民族压迫和阶级压迫fight national and class oppression
219 保持党同人民群众的血肉联系maintain the "flesh and blood ties" between the Party and the people
220 实事求是、群众路线、独立自主seeking truth from facts, the "mass line" and independence

221 在社会主义建设道路的探索中走过弯路took detours during the exploration of the path of building socialism
222 不能因为他们有失误和错误就抹杀他们的历史功绩cannot repudiate them or erase their historical afeats because they made mistakes
223 中国力争用5年时间基本完成农村土地承包经营权确权登记颁证。农村土地承包经营权确权登记registration and confirmation of rural land-use rights
224 在全国范围内全面推开该方案roll out the scheme nationwide
225 土地流转transfer of rural land-use rights
226 集体所有制collective ownership
227 承担首负责任assume primary liability
228 重塑消费者信心restore consumer confidence
229 参考药品生产规范employ pharmaceutical production standards as reference
230 宽限期grace period

231 把粮食安全作为首要任务stress the priority of food security
232 承包集体土地contract collective land
233 中国人的饭碗任何时候都要牢牢端在自己手上The bowls of the Chinese, in any situation, must rest soundly in our own hands
234 中央办公厅强调构建社会主义核心价值观。融入国民教育全过程incorporate into China's overall national education plan
235 培育和践行社会主义核心价值观cultivate and practice core socialist values
236 牢牢把握正确舆论导向steadfastlyuphold correct guidance of public opinion
237 乙肝疫苗接种receive a hepatitis B vaccination
238 尸检结果autopsy results
239严重不良反应severe adverse reaction
240 暂停使用suspend use

241 质疑raise questions
242 下发通知send out a circular
243 突发事件应急条例emergency response regulations
244 信息发布应及时Relevant information should be disseminated to the public as swiftly as possible.
245 低端服务业low-end service industries
246 坚决控制人口过快增长resolutely controlling the population's excessive growth
247 收紧户口指标tighten the quota for household registration
248 加强交流与合作step up exchanges and cooperation
249 求同存异seek common points while reserving differences
250 务实合作pragmatic collaborations

251 反映主流民意reflect the mainstream public opinion
252 跨越式发展leap forward
253 社会主义建设中的曲折twists and turns in socialist construction:
254 丝毫无损于他的伟大,丝毫掩盖不了他的贡献detract nothing from Mao's greatness and his contributions
255 他的思想和精神就像一座灯塔,指引我们朝着中华民族伟大复兴的宏伟目标,乘风破浪,胜利前进!His thought and spirit serve as a lighthouse that directs us toward the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation
256 航空母舰aircraft carrier
257 进行科研试验和训练conduct tests and training tasks
258 组织作战系统综合研试organize comprehensive combat training
259 验证舰艇动力系统及适航性能try the performance of its propulsion and seaworthiness
260 中国拟修民告官制度。行政诉讼法修正案草案draft amendment to the Administrative Procedure Law

261 信访petition
262 通畅诉讼入口smooth the litigation process
263 保障公民的行政诉讼权利a guarantee of citizens' rights to pursue the government through the courts
264 谨言慎行be cautious in words and deeds
265 恪守不选边站队的承诺strictly abide by its commitment of not taking a position
266 有关国家的表演已经够了,可以歇歇了The performance of relevant parties is enough and should be stopped
267 治理范围rehabilitation area
268 多功能生态保护实验区multifunction ecological experimentation zone
269 完善生态监测预警预报体系improve monitoring and warning network
270 乱垦unapproved land reclamation

271 空姐air stewardess
272 上诉appeal重审retrial
273 事实不清、证据不足unclear facts and insufficient evidence
274 逃税evade taxes
275 未申请报关without a custom's declaration
276 四维增长模式four-dimensional mode of economic growth
277 强烈的危机意识strong crisis awareness
278 过度依赖投资over-reliance on investment
279 包容增长inclusive growth
280 充分发挥投资的关键作用give full play to the pivotal role of investment

281 日益恶化的交通拥堵worsening traffic gridlock
282 越来越多的补贴mounting subsidies
283 提价fare hike
284 价格最高上限price cap
285 分散客流disperse the flow of passengers
286 有组织有预谋的袭击organized and premeditated attack
287 受海外恐怖组织蛊惑bewitched by overseas terrorism groups
288 极端宗教思想extremist religious thoughts
289 渴望维护社会稳定和团结aspire to maintain social stability and unity
290 王毅提出明年中国外交重点方向。深化战略互信、密切利益交融deepen strategic mutual trust and integration of interests

291 同周边国家巩固睦邻友好consolidate friendship with neighboring countries
292 提升同发展中大国关系水平enhance cooperation with other developing big powers
293 智利中左翼“新多数联盟”候选人Chile's center-left New Majority coalition candidate
294 赢得总统选举win the presidential run-off
295 承认竞选失败concede defeat
296 总统选举首轮投票the first round of the presidential election
297 投票go to polls
298 以人为本的城镇化human-centered urbanization
299 打破城乡二元经济结构break up the city-country dualistic economic structure
300 释放巨大的内需潜力unleash huge potential in domestic demand

301 重要增长极important growth poles
302 车辆限购curb car ownership
303 通过竞价和摇号发放汽车牌照issue car license plates via bidding and lottery
304 控制交通拥堵和空气污染fight traffic jam and air pollution
305 外环路outer ring road
306 流行语buzzwords;
307 土豪the newly rich and powerful people;
308 大妈bargain-hunting middle-aged Chinese women;
309 舶来词loan-words;
310 花钱炫富spend money thoughtlessly and flaunt one's wealth;

311 病态的经济morbid economy
312 举行罢工stage strikes
313 警告当地华人保持警惕warn Chinese people to be vigilant
314 采取必要的预防措施take necessary precautionary measures
315 雾霾天smog and hazy days
316 盲降land in poor visibility
317 提高航班准点率raise the flights' on-time performance
318 降落辅助系统instrument-landing systems
319 航班延误flight delays
320 民航航班commercial flight

321 逐步提高退休年龄progressively raise the retirement age
322 提前退休retirement in advance
323 退休返聘rehiring someone after retirement
324 符合中国劳动力市场实际in line with China's labor market realities
325 延迟退休必须提上议事日程raising the retirement age must go on the government agenda
326 向……表示深切哀悼和崇高的敬意express deep condolences and pay high tribute to...
327 以极大的热情推动中南友好commit himself to China-South Africa friendship with great passion
328 家喻户晓的人物a household name
329 在国家振兴与发展的道路上阔步前进make big strides forward along the path of national rejuvenation and development
330 灭火extinguish the blaze

331 清理余火clear away the embers
332 农贸零售商farm produce wholesalers
333 搜救生还者search for survivors in the debris
334 被警方控制in police custody
335 放假安排holiday arrangements
336 征求社会意见seek opinions from the public/seek public opinion/solicit public opinion
337 家庭团聚family reunions
338 扩大旅游消费boost travel consumption
339 减少GDP指标的权重cut the weight of GDP
340 高投资、高污染、高增长模式the development model of high investment and heavy pollution for fast growth rate

341 把政府负债作为政绩考核的重要指标increase the weight of local debt in assessing the performance of local authorities
342 限制开发区域regions with restricted development
343 生态脆弱的国家扶贫开发工作重点县key impoverished counties with especially fragile eco-system
344 恢复局势稳定restore stability
345 高度关注泰国局势closely watch the situation in Thailand
346 从国家利益和人民福祉出发on the basis of national interests and people's wellbeing
347 解散议会the dissolution of the House of Representatives
348 一系列规章准则a slew of regulations and guidelines
349 奢侈腐败extravagance and corruption
350 鱼翅shark fins

351 燕窝bird nests
352 公务接待宴会official reception dinners
353 文艺表演performing-art show
354 笼罩在灰色的天空下be enveloped in the grey sky
355 预警级别升级upgrade warning level
356 能见度小于50米visibility is less than 50 meters
357 降低可吸收颗粒物浓度cut the density of inhalable particulate matter
358 加强管理,再接再厉,确保工程运行平稳,水质稳定达标 We should strengthen management and keep working to ensure steady progress on the project and stable water quality
359 烟草控制法案只是表面文章pay lip service to tobacco control legislation
360 执行禁烟条例enforce anti-smoking regulations

361 远远落在许多缔约国的后面fall far behind many other signatory members
362 纳税大户large contributor to fiscal revenue
363 南非前总统曼德拉逝世。
364 反种族隔离anti-apartheid
365 为人类尊严、平等和自由所做出的无私斗争selfless struggle for human dignity, equality and freedom
366 国葬state funeral
367 极度伤心和悲痛extremely sad and tragic
368从曼德拉的人生中获得启示draw inspiration from Mandela's life
369 标志着中国的高速移动网络进入一个新时代mark the beginning of a new era in China's high-speed mobile network
370 降低宽带成本lower bandwidth costs

371 商业试用trial commercial use
372 为……提供了新动力create a new impetus for
373 确保中美关系持续健康稳定向前发展ensure the steady and sound growth of bilateral relations
374 相向而行meet each other halfway
375 尊重彼此核心利益和重大关切respect each other's core interests and major concerns
376 保持经常性对话maintain regular dialogues
377 重新启动医疗改革reboot healthcare overhaul
378 政治支持率受挫political approval rating has taken a beating
379 长期有争议的问题long-time controversial issue
380 将公众的注意力重新聚焦在法案所带来的好处上refocus public's attention on the benefits of the law

381 发扬爱国传统carry on patriotic tradition
382 维护民族团结safeguard national unity
383 推进祖国统一push forward China's reunification
384 建设中国特色社会主义的宝贵资源treasured resource for the building of socialism with Chinese characteristics
385 联合国千年发展目标UN Millennium Development Goals
386 免受饥饿save people from hunger
387 营养不良的人under nourished people
388 通往未来成功之路的敲门砖a stepping-stone toward achieving greater success in the future。
389 气质量指数Air Quality Index
390 达到最危险的峰值hit dangerous peak

391 减少户外活动cut down on outdoor activities
392 抑制工业生产curb industrial production
393 世界艾滋病日the World AIDS Day
394 艾滋病防治工作HIV/AIDS prevention and control efforts
395 艾滋病毒携带者HIV carriers
396 消除歧视eliminate discrimination
397 抗逆转录病毒药物antiretroviral medications
398 母婴传播mother-to-child transmission
399 开启访华之旅kick off his official visit to China
400 干预中国内政interfere with China's internal affairs

401 为...带来实际回报bring real rewards for
402 放开签证批准the relaxation of visa approval
403 养老金最低缴费年限pension-receiving threshold
404 月存银行500元比缴纳社保划算monthly deposit of 500 yuan in a bank would pay better than paying social insurance
405 现行政策缺乏公平与效率current policies lack of fairness and efficiency
406 《开罗宣言》Cairo Declaration
407 明文规定stated in explicit terms
408 敲响了日本帝国主义的丧钟toll the bell for the Japanese imperialists
409 无视国际协议turn a blind eye to the international agreements
410 月球探测器lunar probe

411 力争零窗口发射pursue zero window launch
412 采用遥操作传输技术adopt technologies of transmission system for remote sensing
413 着陆器lander
414 月球车moon rover
415 中国继续支持讲信誉、有实力、守法律的企业“走出去”。The Chinese Government will continue to support those companies that are credible, competitive and law-abiding in their overseas operations.
416 参与全球竞争stay globally competitive
417 注重创新invest more in innovation
418 4G商用通信服务 commercial 4G mobile communications services
419 发放许可牌照issue licenses
420 业内人士industry insiders

421 运营合作伙伴carrier partner
422 防空识别区air defense identification zone
423 出于防御的需要out of the need for self-defense
424 国际惯例common international practice
425不会影响他国航空器的飞越自由won't affect the flight freedom of other countries' aircraft
426 气温将降至0℃ fall to freezing point
427 寒潮蓝色预警a blue blizzard alert
428 降温幅度可达10℃ bring temperatures down by up to 10 degrees Celsius
429 强冷空气影响我国中东部a strong cold front sweeping central and eastern China
430 就伊核问题第一阶段措施达成协议reach a first-step agreement on Iran's nuclear program; 伊核问题六国P5+1 group

431 暂停生产浓度为5%以上的浓缩铀halt enrichment of uranium above a level of five percent;
432 不追加制裁refrain from imposing new sanctions
433 着眼历史变革趋势bear the trends of historic reforms in mind
434 抓住发展机遇grasp opportunities
435 准确定位全面战略伙伴关系accurately position the comprehensive strategic partnership
436 扩大贸易和投资合作expand cooperation on trade and investment
437 美国驻华大使U.S. ambassador to China
438 辞职resign/step down from one's position
439 一生的荣耀the honor of a lifetime
440 华裔美国人Chinese-American

441 有益的挑战rewarding challenge
442 处于紧要关头at stake
443 劳教人员internees at reeducation-through-labor camps
444 轻刑犯minor offenders
445 加强人权的司法保障strengthen the judicial guarantee of human rights
446 确保不发生脱漏管avoid allowing offenders to go unpunished
447 司法行政部门judicial administrative department开展有针对性的教育矫治工作carry out specific corrective work
448 充实社区矫正队伍add manpower to the community correction system
449 法律援助、检察监督legal aid and supervision
450 空难哀悼日the day of mourning for the air crash victims

451 机组成员crew members
452黑匣子the black boxes
453 对遇难者亲属表示慰问express condolences to the families of the killed
454 组成调查组instruct an investigation commission
455 人口均衡发展balanced population development
456 维持低生育水平maintain a low birth rate
457 放宽独生子女政策loosen the one-child policy
458 调整完善生育政策fine-tune the family planning policy
459 育龄期childbearing age
460 性别比例失调skewed gender ratio

461 社会主义市场经济的重要组成部分important components of the socialist market economy
462 激发活力和创造力stimulate vitality and creativity
463 推动多种所有制经济共同发展promote the development of an economy with diverse forms of ownership
464 公有制和非公有制经济public and non-public sectors of the economy
465 通过《中共中央关于全面深化改革若干重大问题的决定》。
466 全面深化改革comprehensively deepening reforms
467 发展仍是解决我国所有问题的关键development is still the key to solving all problems in China
468 建立国家安全委员会establish a state security committee
469 使市场在资源配置中起决定性作用leave the market to play the decisive role in allocation of resources
470 坚持公有制主体地位stick to the dominant role of public ownership

471 建设法治政府和服务型政府build a law-based and service-oriented government
472 “海燕”引发的暴雨rainstorms triggered by Typhoon Haiyan
473 登陆make landfall
474 防汛抗旱指挥部the flood control and drought relief authority
475 发布暴雨红色预警issue a red warning for rainstorms
476 超警戒水位exceed warning levels
477 双十一”"Double Eleven"
478 “光棍节” "Singles' Day"
479 电商平台e-commerce platforms
480 零售巨头retail giants

481 移动终端mobile Internet
482 购买力spending power
483 网上支付平台online payment platform
484 购物狂欢节shopping gala
485 国际原子能机构The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
486 实质性进展concrete results
487 十分富有成果very productive
488 联合国安理会常任理事国permanent members of the UN Security Council
489 未能达成协议fail reach an agreement
490 购车指标new car registration quota

491 新能源车的配比增加give more stake to new energy vehicles
492 纯电动汽车、插电式混合动力汽车以及燃料电池汽车battery electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles
493 申办冬季奥运会launch a bid to host the Winter Olympic Games
494 取得优势earn an edge
495 冰上项目ice events
496 城际快速铁路inter-city express railway
497 形式主义、官僚主义、享乐主义和奢靡之风formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism and extravagance
498 权钱交易power-for-money deals
499 违规提拔干部illegal official promotions
500 第二轮巡视工作second round of inspection