美国语文读本 | The Contented Boy 知足的男孩

Mr. Lenox was one morning riding by himself. He got off from his horse to look at something on the roadside. The horse broke away from him, and ran off. Mr. Lenox ran after him, but soon found that he could not catch him.

A little boy at work in a field near the road, heard the horse. As soon as he saw him running from his master, the boy ran very quickly to the middle of the road, and, catching the horse by the bridle, stopped him till Mr. Lenox came up.

Mr. Lenox: Thank you, my good boy, you have caught my horse very nicely. What shall I give you for your trouble?
雷诺克斯先生 (以下为“雷”):谢谢你,好孩子,你抓住了我的马,干得很漂亮!给你添了麻烦,我该给你些什么表示感谢呢?

Boy: I want nothing, sir.
男孩 (以下为“男”):我什么也不要,先生。

Mr. L: You want nothing? So much the better for you. Few men can say as much. But what were you doing in the field?
雷: 你什么也不要?对你来说何乐而不为呢?很少有人会这么说。不过,你刚刚在田里做什么呢?

B: I was rooting up weeds, and tending the sheep that were feeding on turnips.
男: 我在除草,还有照看吃草的绵羊。

Mr. L: Do you like to work?
雷: 你喜欢干活吗?

B: Yes, sir, very well, this fine weather.
男: 是的,先生,我很喜欢,这么好的天气。

Mr. L: But would you not rather play?
雷: 可是你不想去玩耍吗?

B: This is not hard work. It is almost as good as play.
男: 这不是什么重活,这几乎和玩耍一样有趣。

Mr. L: Who set you to work?
雷: 是谁让你来干活的?

B: My father, sir.
男: 是我的爸爸,先生。

Mr. L: What is your name?
雷: 你叫什么名字?

B: Peter Hurdle, sir.
男: 我叫彼得·赫德尔,先生。

Mr. L: How old are you?
雷: 你多大了?

B: Eight years old, next June.
男: 到六月就八岁了。

Mr. L: How long have you been here?
雷: 你在这儿待了多久了?

B: Ever since six o'clock this morning.
男: 我从早晨六点就一直在这里。

Mr. L: Are you not hungry?
雷: 你肚子不饿吗?

B: Yes, sir, but I shall go to dinner soon.
男: 我饿,先生,但是我很快就要去吃午饭了。

Mr. L: If you had a dime now, what would you do with it?
雷: 如果你有一个一角的硬币,你会用它来做什么呢?

B: I don't know, sir. I never had so much.
男: 我不知道,先生,我从来没有过那么多的钱。

Mr. L: Have you no playthings?
雷: 你没有玩具吗?

B: Playthings? What are they?
男: 玩具?玩具是什么?

Mr. L: Such things as ninepins, marbles, tops, and wooden horses.
雷: 例如九柱戏、玻璃弹子、陀螺和木马等。

B: No, sir. Tom and I play at football in winter, and I have a jumping rope. I had a hoop, but it is broken.
男: 没有,先生。冬天的时候我和汤姆玩橄榄球,我还有一根跳绳,一个铁箍,不过铁箍坏掉了。

Mr. L: Do you want nothing else?
雷: 你不想要点别的东西吗?

B: I have hardly time to play with what I have. I have to drive the cows, and to run on errands, and to ride the horses to the fields, and that is as good as play.
男: 我几乎没有时间玩我拥有的东西。我必须赶牛、跑腿、把马骑到田野里放养,做这些事情跟玩耍一样有趣。

Mr. L: You could get apples and cakes, if you had money, you know.
雷: 你知道吗,如果你有钱,就可以买到苹果和蛋糕。

B: I can have apples at home. As for cake, I do not want that. My mother makes me a pie now and then, which is as good.
男: 我家里就有苹果。至于说蛋糕,我不想要。我妈妈会时不时为我做馅饼,那也一样好吃。

Mr. L: Would you not like a knife to cut sticks?
雷: 你不想要一把刀用来削木棍吗?

B: I have one. Here it is. Brother Tom gave it to me.
男: 我有一把。就在这儿。汤姆哥哥给我的。

Mr. L: Your shoes are full of holes. Don't you want a new pair?
雷: 你的鞋子全是洞,难道你不想要一双新的吗?

B: I have a better pair for Sundays.
男: 我有一双好一点的鞋子,星期天才穿的。

Mr. L: But these let in water.
雷: 可是你现在穿的这双会进水的。

B: I do not mind that, sir.
男: 我不介意,先生。

Mr. L: Your hat is all torn, too.
雷: 你的帽子也破了。

B: I have a better one at home.
男: 我家里有一顶更好的。

Mr. L: What do yon do when it rains?
雷: 下雨的时候你怎么办呢?

B: If it rains very hard when I am in the field, I get under a tree for shelter.
男: 我在地里干活的时候,要是雨下得很大,我就到树底下去避一避。

Mr. L: What do you do, if you are hungry before it is time to go home?
雷: 如果你饿了,可是还没到时间回家,你怎么办?

B: I sometimes eat a raw turnip.
男: 我有时候会吃一个生萝卜。

Mr. L: But if there is none?
雷: 要是没有生萝卜呢?

B: Then I do as well as I can without. I work on, and never think of it.
男: 就算没有东西吃,我同样会好好地干活。我会继续干活,不去想它。

Mr. L: Why, my little fellow, I am glad to see that you are so contented. Were you ever at school?
雷: 啊,我的小家伙,我很高兴看到你这么知足常乐。你有没有上过学?

B: No, sir. But father means to send me next winter.
男: 没有,先生。不过我爸爸想明年冬天送我去念书。

Mr. L: You will want books then.
雷: 到那时你会需要书本的。

B: Yes, sir; each boy has a Spelling Book, a Reader, and a Testament.
男: 是的,先生。每个男孩都会有拼写课本、阅读课本和《圣经》。

Mr. L: Then I will give them to you. Tell your father so, and that it is because you are an obliging, contented little boy.
雷: 那么到时我会给你这些东西。把我的话转告你的爸爸,并且告诉他,这是因为你是个乐于助人、知足常乐的小男孩。

B: I will, sir. Thank you.
男: 我会的,先生。谢谢!

Mr. L: Good by, Peter.
雷: 再见,彼得。

B: Good morning, sir.
男: 祝您早上愉快,先生。

(Dr. John Aiken)