PDF | 时代周刊亚洲版2017年2月6日刊




2 | Conversation
4 | For the Record

The Brief
News from the U.S. and around the world
5 | WhatPresident Trump has delivered so far
7 | Will Turkey give President Erdogan even more power?
8 | Ian Bremmer on Brexit
9 | RIP, Mary Tyler Moore
10 | Witness to Serbia’s growing refugee crisis

The View
Ideas, opinion, innovations
12 | Joe Klein on Trump’s governing ideology
13 | Not all wheat andwhole-grain breads are what they claim to be, no matter how you slice it
14 | Why lawsuits are good for society
15 | Citi Bike’s new laser lights make cyclists more visible to pedestrians in New York City

The Features
The Movement
Millions marched across the country and around the world to protest the Inauguration of DonaldTrump. Where do they go from here?
By Karl Vick 16
Rethinking Alzheimer’s Prevention
Scientists zero in on health and lifestyle changes that can delay cognitive decline
By Mandy Oaklander 26
China’s Hollywood
The Chinese film industry is booming—and it has global ambitions
By Hannah Beech 30

Time Off
What to watch, read, see and do
37 | TheCW’s Archie reboot
40 | Reviews: James Franco in I Am Michael; A Dog’s Purpose
42 | Paul Auster’s massive new novel
43 | Tom Brady’s revenge
44 | Managing anxiety with meditation
47 | Joel Stein on getting his son to care about football
48 | 10 Questions for Trayvon Martin’s parents



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